Something brand new from 3x3

We've been producing our 3x3 Directory for fourteen years, now we’re heading in a new direction as the 3x3 Collective. Today when speaking with top art directors in editorial and publishing we found out how best to approach them. And what we’ve found won’t surprise you. Thanks to the pandemic the die has been cast in favor of emails as the best way to reach your audience.

However, we know most illustrators opt for plain text emails with attachments. We want to change that. It’s important to use HTML emails as art directors are used to seeing them from artist reps, photographers and design firms. Therefore, we’re now offering HTML email blasts to art directors in North America, the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.

Choose from three plans: Basic, Standard and Premium.

With our Basic and Standard plans, you’ll be showcased on our online gallery, and we’ll promote the entire gallery weekly to a broad list in editorial, advertising and publishing.

For our Premium plan, you’ll have exposure on our online gallery as well as emails directed to specific categories. You’ll be able to tell us which categories you’re most interested in, which ones you want to expand and new ones you wish to explore.

We’ll design, produce and distribute the emails and follow up with tracking on our end which we’ll share with you.

The Cost? Hundreds, not thousands of dollars. We want to make this as affordable as possible so you can explore new markets and broaden your exposure beyond your current mailing list. We hope you’ll join our Collective, we feel this offers an opportunity that’s not presently out there.

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